The Dragon’s Lair is a gimmick-free bootcamp style training ground modeled just like a traditional Kwoon (family style training school).  Students learn Son Long Kung Fu (Dragon style Kung Fu), Chi Kung (a.k.a. the Art of Breathing), mixed martial arts, kickboxing and traditional weapons.  We’re not gonna lie to you.  It’s hard.  You’ll sweat.  You’ll hurt.  You might even cry.  The Master refuses to sugar-coat Shaolin style training for the sake of keeping more students.  As a result, we are a school of select students who have made it this far, “hand picked” by their own will, determination, persistence and resilience.

During your first training sessions (assuming you’ve made it that far) we recommend listening to your own body.  If you need to sit down and take a break – please do so.  Everyone here trains together.  There is no “beginner’s class”, but on the upside, everyone started just like you.  Challenge yourself while listening to your own body, do the best you can and make your goal to be a little better than you were the previous time.  That’s all.

Traditionally, in this style there are no “belts”.  There is a Master, and there are older brothers and sisters, some of whom may also be instructors, and there are younger brothers and sisters.  The terms “older” and “younger” don’t refer to age, but simply to how long they’ve been doing this.  If you’re 45 and you’ve joined our class having never done this before, then everyone on the floor are your older brother and sister, no matter how old they are.  Listen to them – they’ll give you friendly advice from time to time, as you’ll give other newcomers friendly advice down the line as well.

Well, that’s it for now.  We hope we didn’t scare you off.  We urge you to look around our website, find out a little more about the style we teach, and we genuinely hope you’ll join our family soon.

Welcome to Son Long.


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