The words “Kung Fu” don’t refer to the fancy kicks you see (the awesome) Jet Li do in the movies.  Kung Fu literally means “Hard Work”.  Kung Fu Wushu means “Hard Work in Martial Arts”.  Son Long Kung Fu Wushu means “Hard Work in Dragon Style Martial Arts”.

The particular style that is taught by Master Klodi Lemoine comes from the monastery of Ma Duong Cuong in China.  The late Grand-Master, the mong Wang Wah Ba, had only two students:  Master Nguyen Duc Moc and his brother who died during World War II.

Although most Chinese Martial Arts styles are either categorized as Internal (harnessing the power of Qi) or External (focusing on the power of the body), The Mountain Dragon Son Long style is a central Shaolin style, combining equally external and internal, just like Yang and Yin complement each other to form a whole Tao.

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